Since 1996 the Mountain Gorilla according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has been classified as Critically Endangered. Today, the IUCN has announced that the mountain gorilla is now re-classified as Endangered. Thanks to the effective efforts of all conservation stakeholders, together we are making progress. Whereas this signals an improvement, the…

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Prosper Uwingeli, Chief Park Warden, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda My experience with wildlife began when I was a little kid, born in one of the villages of Ngoma District near Akagera National Park in Rwanda where interactions with animals are common. One scenario I vividly remember was when poachers chased a duiker until it took…

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W4Virungas Project Kicks Off in Rwanda

Implementation of the W4V project continues to progress, initially launched and implemented in DRC and Uganda the project has finally kicked off in Rwanda too. Piloted in Bugeshi sector, Rubavu district the project is set to do integrated water resource management to reduce on the water run-off and flooding in Bugehsi sector. Bugeshi sector is…

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IGPC Participates in the 27th International Primatalogy Society (IPS) Congress

Organized by African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), Colobus Conservation, Great Apes Survival Partnerships and Institute of Climate Research, the 27th IPS Congress that ran from 19th – 25th August was held at the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) office in Nairobi, Kenya. Several, researchers, academicians and conservation institutions involved in conservation work across the world participated…

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Field Internship for Mountain Gorilla Population Surveys

Are you a fresh graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in wildlife, biology, conservation, and/or related field; hands-on experience conducting detail-oriented field research in forested and/or tropical environments here is an internship opportunity for you; Announcement_Internship_Eng, Announcement_Internship_Fr  

The IGCP July 2018 Newsletter

The 19th Volume  JULY 2018 NEWSLETTER FINAL – ENGLISH of the Silverback Standard Newsletter is out  with great stories about the mountain Gorilla Censuses; Virunga Massif Census Results and Bwindi 2018 Census, plus the progress on the new Sida funded “Leading the Change Project”. Some of the stories shared by the implementing CSOs/CBOs in this July…

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Use of Improved Farming Methods Facilitates Biodiversity Conservation

Most famers in Shingiro sector of Musanze district in Rwanda are fond of using chemical fertilizers and artificial pesticides on their farms. Previous surveys have indicated that the artificial pesticides kill bees in the area hence failing pollination and frustrating bee keepers in the area. How then can the community live in harmony with one…

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Climate Change, What Difference Can We Make?

David Duli – Country Director, WWF Uganda Country Office The degradation of the environment in this country cannot be under estimated. For some of us in our age, the time when we were students, the whole of western Uganda was completely a different environment. I studied Forestry. So, in the first year of Forestry, we…

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The work of IGCP is to facilitate collaborative actions for conservation of mountain gorillas and their habitat.

Anna Behm Masozera – IGCP Director