IGCP Conducts Third Annual TAG Meeting

On 3rd – 5th March the IGCP held its third annual Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meeting at Hotel Panorama in Bukavu, DRC. The TAG meeting is conducted every year to allow for in-depth technical support and guidance on the implementation of the IGCP strategy by the technical advisory group members. This years’ TAG meeting aimed at improving understanding and input on IGCP’s intervention in the conservation efforts for Grauer’s gorillas, to update and seek input from the members on the Gorilla FriendlyTM initiative being initiated by IGCP in partnership with Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network, with support from Conservation Capital, and to get input into the pending mid-term strategy review and refinement of the programme.


The IGCP Director, Anna Behm Masozera speaking at the 3rd annual TAG meeting.

Participants in this year’s TAG in addition to all IGCP technical staff were IGCP Board Chair, Dr. Carlos Drews, and representatives from coalition offices of WWF in Cameroon, DRC, USA, UK, and Uganda joined by representatives from coalition offices of Fauna & Flora International in DRC and UK.

Some participants experienced the Grauer’s gorillas of Kahuzi-Beiga National Park, while others opted for nature walks or a visit to Lwiro Research Institute and Chimpanzee Sanctuary. The field activities were later followed by a meeting with the Director for Kahuzi- Biega National Park, Mr. Radar Nshuli, during which he shared the status of protection and conservation activities to address the real challenges of occupation and mining and other extraction activities by rebel groups in the Park’s low altitude zone, and the promise of tourism as a conservation tool in the high altitude zone.


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