IGPC Participates in the 27th International Primatalogy Society (IPS) Congress

Organized by African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), Colobus Conservation, Great Apes Survival Partnerships and Institute of Climate Research, the 27th IPS Congress that ran from 19th – 25th August was held at the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) office in Nairobi, Kenya. Several, researchers, academicians and conservation institutions involved in conservation work across the world participated in this congress and presented on their work. Several research papers on different issues including Species’ behavior and movement patterns, population trends, habitat nature and community participation in conservation were presented and discussed among others. IGCP’s Conservation Scientist Jena Hickey (PHD) presented on the mark recapture method in establishing mountain gorilla populations.

Commenting on the work with mountain gorillas, the deputy Executive Director of UNEP, Joyce Musaya revealed that mountain gorillas are the only great apes whose population has increased in the recent past, adding that, “this is great work done and there’s room for improvement”. The IPS congress is held every two years with the objective of bringing different conservationists, researches and academicians from all over the world together to share about their work on primates and also learn from each other different conservation approaches, results, lessons and actions.


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