New Mobile Technology to Improve Reporting on Human Wildlife Conflict

IGCP and WWF-UK are working together with UWA to pilot the use of some innovative technology solutions around Bwindi. The Human-Gorilla (HuGo) groups around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park are going to be trained and equipped with mobile devices to help in the reporting on human wildlife conflict. The devices will be installed with a user-friendly app that will allow even the semi illiterate individuals to use. Apparently, the app will have icons and also be translated into the local dialects to allow for easier use. This new technology will produce instant reports/messages that will be transmitted to the Conservation Warden and responsible conservation rangers as soon as a HUGO member enters the incidence on the device app. This instant reporting and sharing of information with the concerned officials will cause immediate action on the reported HWC incidences. In addition to this, this new technology will help in reducing the existing challenges of inaccurate and delayed reporting and hence delayed action.

In the long term the initiative will reduce Human wildlife conflict and facilitate improved relations between the park and surrounding community. Human-Gorilla (HuGo) conflict resolution programme was conceived in 1998 aiming at reducing conflicts between park management and the neighboring communities as a result of problem animals. The groups are mandated to manage problem animals, educate the community on problem animal management, collect data on the frequency of problem animals and the intensity of destruction and compile reports which they then share with the Conservation Warden through the conservation rangers for action.


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