Naming Gorillas in Rwanda

Jamie – the IGCP Communications Officer – here again. I am recently back from Kwita Izina – Rwanda’s mountain gorilla naming ceremony. Kwita Izina is held every year to name all the baby gorillas that were born in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda in the past twelve months. This year eighteen babies were named, and…

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Back to eastern DRC — a first visit since the war

Hi, this is Wellard again –writing to tell you about the rest of our visit to DRC, a journey of mixed emotions. After leaving the beekeepers, we traveled another 12 kilometres of bumpy road to the T-junction to the local army base and the National Park authorities’ offices, Rumangabo Station. There we saw an amazing…

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Amazing Humba!

This is Eugene Rutagarama, Director of IGCP. I have worked for gorillas for quite a while, but visiting them never ceases to be a fascinating experience. Last Thursday, together with some colleagues, I had another amazing gorilla visit, checking in with the Humba group in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Mikeno sector of…

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Gorilla Teeth on a Perfect Morning

Benjamin, Augustin and James let out a hearty laugh. “Did you see that? It happened so fast! She definitely doesn’t like us today!” This could have been a scene from a café, where we were sitting having some coffee and all boasting, revisiting our various clumsy attempts to garner some attention. But today I was…

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Tracking the Twins – Part 2

Here’s more on my experience tracking the Nkuringo gorilla group in Uganda, which I blogged about earlier. As I emerge from the scrubby undergrowth of the Park-to-farm transitional forest I am startled by Mama Christmas, and older female who has broken from the pack and is sitting stoically on top of a huge boulder overlooking…

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The work of IGCP is to facilitate collaborative actions for conservation of mountain gorillas and their habitat.

Anna Behm Masozera – IGCP Director