New “Gorilla Water” rainwater Harvesting Tanks Under Construction Around Virunga National Park, DRC

Scarcity of water sources in areas surrounding Virunga National Park leads bordering populations to turn towards the few water sources inside the Park, a situation not ideal for people or wildlife conservation. IGCP, with support from the Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration continues to implement its rainwater harvesting programme. Under this program IGCP provides rainwater harvesting…

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The nutritional and livelihood needs of people is the connection between mushrooms and mountain gorillas. IGCP with financial support from the Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration recently embarked on building the capacity of women around Virunga National Park to not only grow mushrooms, but support others to do so as well. IGCP believes that if human…

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The SilverBack Standard Newsletter Relaunched!

SilverbackStandard_Vol11_English VersionSIlverbackStandard_Vol11_French Version This is a quarterly Newsletter of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme. This edition features, Camera traps, Human wildlife conflict management, establishment of the Gorilla DNA library and Staff Profiles. We invite you to read on and share your comments and observations. We hope this Newsletter is to your liking.

ACHIEVEMENTS AND MISSED OPPORTUNITIES: Stakeholders Assess the Performance of the Revenue Sharing Program in Kisoro and Kabale Districts District, Uganda

Clad in heavy jackets, sweaters and shawls hanging across the shoulders, everybody seemed to be ‘folded into themselves’ and freezing from the cold. Silence filled the room in which they sat and I couldn’t help wondering if any heated discussion would come from this very cold environment, but alas! underneath the coldness was a vibrant…

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After five years of hard work, Gitenderi Environment Project Community Group in Gitenderi parish, Nyarusiza Sub County, Kisoro District organized a party to celebrate their efforts in completing the construction of a 1.5 Km stone wall referred to as a “buffalo wall.” The party was organized on 18th April at Rurembwe primary school. Excited about…

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Counting Our Blessings, Not Once But Twice: Planning underway for the next count of mountain gorillas in the Virunga Massif

Although the term census was historically used to describe periodic population estimates of mountain gorillas, Dr. Jena R. Hickey, a population ecologist and the IGCP Conservation Scientist, prefers to call it a survey. According to Jena ‘census’ implies that all members are counted, yet in wildlife populations, one can never be sure that every single…

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Recognizing Corporate Social Responsibility that Contributes to Conservation and Poverty Alleviation

“The development of an ecolabel is a way of using the tourism market to promote and reward corporate social responsibility; it will empower tourists and the private sector to become more informed and engaged partners in mountain gorilla conservation”, asserts Mr. Wellard Makambo, IGCP’s Program Manager. According to Wellard, many tourists arrive to see gorillas…

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Channeling Money from Tourism to Priority Community Needs – A Grass Roots Approach

Is it possible to conserve mountain Gorillas without taking into consideration the livelihoods of people? Certainly not. However what can be done to contribute to improved livelihoods which in turn benefit conservation? These questions central to my work were partially answered when I was implementing activities for the project “Strengthening local institutions in the Albertine…

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The work of IGCP is to facilitate collaborative actions for conservation of mountain gorillas and their habitat.

Anna Behm Masozera – IGCP Director