Rwanda scales up the use of Energy saving cooking stoves.

With proven ability to reduce fuel consumption, ease cooking, and reduce human encroachment on the forest for fuel, the district of Musanze has continued to work with/contract Kohia cooperative to produce more energy saving stoves for distribution to other villages in Musanze district. Since 2015, the district has distributed energy saving stoves to about four villages, the current in line being Kimunyi and Musanze sectors where about 2000 energy cooking stoves will be distributed to 2000 households. According to the district development plan the communities will be supported with energy cooking stoves until 2020, and likely all the villages in Musanze will benefit from this project. KOHIA cooperative was trained in making energy saving stoves by the IGCP under its USAID-funded CAFEC project which aims at mitigating climate change through the reduction on the quantity of firewood used by local communities around the park. Last year an intern from Yale University did an efficiency analysis of the stoves.


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