Towards a New Communications and Advocacy Era

Joined by WWF – Uganda (UCO) communications and fundraising staff, IGCP program staff on 30th Jan 2018 held a one-day communications and advocacy meeting at Cephas Inn, Kabale, Uganda.  The meeting that was facilitated by Alma Roberts – Campaigns manager – WWF – UK aimed at understanding how communications and advocacy can influence IGCP program work. The meeting also sought to identify areas where advocacy and communications is most needed and to establish foundations for developing the IGCP Communications and advocacy strategy.


Because communications play a vital role in the success of every project, IGCP is in the process of developing a Communication and Advocacy strategy. It is the hope of IGCP that the strategy will guide its planning and engagement and as well ensure effective results from all IGCP actions.

The communication strategy is expected to work as complimentary document to the new 2018 – 2024 IGCP strategy.

During the meeting three program areas (Tourism, infrastructure and community engagement) were identified and agreed upon as most critical for advocacy and communications support. It is in these areas that Alma Roberts is working with IGCP to develop clear strategies  for each to engage and achieve in the coming years.

Clear understanding on the role of advocacy and communications in influencing programs was created amongst the participants and working committees to work with Alma in developing work plans and providing indepth information about the identified areas were also formed.

Key points from the meeting included the need to develop a new culture of asking why? – Questioning every action planned or undertaken and working towards keeping IGCP a relevant actor in the region.

Commenting about UCO’s participation, the IGCP director Anna Behm Masozera expressed gratitude for their great sharing, saying their knowledge and experience had added value to the discussions and the process of strategy development.

This was the first time IGCP and UCO got to work/conduct an activity together; in the new era more joint activities are going to be conducted to strengthen this partnership because together we can do so much!




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