Virunga Mountain Gorilla Project: IGCP and Likano enter into partnership.

 It´s one of these “once in a lifetime” moments: spotting the first black haired mountain gorilla in a green sea of leaves – you’ll never forget that. The rainforest of the Virunga massif is home of the mountain gorillas and marks a hotspot of biodiversity – golden monkeys and many other animals, plants and birds can only be found here.  The conservation of this ecosystem is very important and reducing the wood consumption of the people living around the Volcanoes National Park can reduce the pressure on the National Park. This can be reached with efficient cook stoves.

Until now, Rwandan households consume on average 12 kg of wood per day for cooking their meals. With the support of IGCP and Fondation Artisans de la Paix et du Développement (FAPDR), LIKANO distributes energy-efficient cooking stoves around the National Park. The stove is produced in Rwanda and consumes less than 4 kg of wood per household per day which means a reduction by 70%! People now not only save firewood, but also have considerably less smoke in the kitchen – that´s good for their health. Furthermore, up to 350.000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year can be avoided – a contribution to combat climate change. Director of IGCP, Anna Behm Masozera: “This outstanding project is a win-win for people and mountain gorillas alike”.

The Virunga Mountain Gorilla Project is registered under the international recognized “Gold Standard” and supports 11 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. Companies becoming project partner can rely on the implementation of the project. “I’m very happy that we have successfully started the dissemination of stoves to the households. Thanks to IGCP and FAPDR for their great support” says Managing Director of Likano, Michael Novoszad.

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  • Austin Hanakooma said


    I ask you to introduce us in making energy-efficient cooking stoves. We are an NGo in Southern Zambia contributing to preserving forestry by promoting methods that can reduce consumption of wood fuel in all forms.

    We will be happy to hear from you.