Bushaho group is found in Nkuringo tourism sector of Bwindi Impenetrable national park  and is led by the Silverback Bahati. Following a number of individual gorilla dispersals from Nkuringo group, a search for their whereabouts was launched in early 2012. It was discovered that one of the former Silverbacks of Nkuringo group, Bahati who had disappeared earlier was leading a parallel group. Some of the members in this group were former members of the Nkuringo group among other non-habituated members.  What started as a follow-up exercise later led to close monitoring of the behaviour of the parallel group. The group was later habituated and named ‘Bushaho’ after the topo-name of the locality where the group forages most. Bushaho group is still under habituation. Bushaho group is currently composed of 9 individuals including; 1 Silverback, 1 blackback, 4 adult females, 1 sub-adult female, and 2 infants- their sex is not yet confirmed though.


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