Humba group was created in 1998 following a split from Rugendo group. Humba a son to Rugendo, broke away from Rugendo group with 6 individuals leaving the father Rugendo with just 9 individuals. Interestingly the Silverback Nyakamwe decided to go with his brother Humba. By 2014,Humba group had increased to 16 individuals, unfortunately Humba and his brother Nyakamwe got into a fight leading to the split of the group.  Humba stayed with only 6 individuals while his brother Nyakamwe walked away with 10 individuals. In February 2015 Humba interacted with Munyaga group and surprisingly the sub-adult female Kakule Munyaga left Munyaga group for Humba group. Today the group is composed of 11 individuals including; 3 Silverbacks, 2 Adult females, 1Sub-adult female, 3 juveniles, and 2 babies.  The group is still headed by the Silverback Humba. Humba group is known for ranging between Gatovu and Bikenge areas of the Virunga National park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).


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