Isimbi group is found in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and is led by the Silverback-Muturengere. Isimbi group is a result of Karisimbi group split which took place on 10th April 2012. At its formation the group was led by the Silverback Getty and had only 7 individuals. Unfortunately Getty died on December 22nd 2013 due to abscess on air sac and pneumonia. After his death, the young blackback then, Muturengere took lead of the group with the help of Poppy, an adult female. Poppy is said to be the oldest living adult female among all gorilla groups. Muturengere fought other groups that sought to grab some members of his group. The group has since grown from 7 to 18 individuals including; 1 Silverback, 8 adult females, 3 juveniles and 6 infants.



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