Karisimbi group is found in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and led by Nyagakangaga. This group was formed after the split of the main Susa group on June 28th 2009. On this day Nyagakangaga who was among several subordinate Silverbacks took 13 individuals and moved away to form his own group referred as Susa B then. It was later named Karisimbi in 2010 at the gorilla naming ceremony – Kwita Izina. The group was named Karisimbi because; it ranges from within and around Karisimbi Mountain in Volcanoes National Park. Unfortunately, /fortunately, another faction broke away from Karisimbi on April 10th 2012 to form another group called Isimbi. Today, Karisimbi group composed of an unknown number since it has not been seen since October 2016.  However before it crossed the DRC border on October 7th 2016 the total number of group individuals was 11 including 4 Silverbacks, 1 adult female, 1 blackback, 1 sub-adult male, 1 sub-adult female, 1 juvenile and 2 infants.


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