Rukara group (formerly known as Kyaguliro A) is found in Ruhija tourism sector of Bwindi Impenetrable national park and is led by the Silverback Rukara. Rukara group is solely dedicated for gorilla research by Manx Planc Institute (MPI) for Evolutionary Anthropology. MPI researches mainly on the group’s behavioural ecology and conducts daily monitoring visits to the group. Rukara’s habituation began in 1995 and in 2015 sudden death occurred to the group head Rukina. Rukina succumbed to an electric shock due to lightening. After Rukina’s demise, the group was left under the leadership of an inexperienced young Silverback (Mukiza) who was later ambushed by an immigrating Adult Silverback (Rukara) from the Bitukura group, this fuelled a split of the group into two – (Kyaguliro A -Rukara and Kyaguliro B -Mukiza) in May 2016. Rukara group is known for spending almost all its time in the inner forest and very rarely gets close to the forest’s peripherals. The group is currently composed of 9 individuals including 2 Silverbacks, 1 black back, 1 adult female,1 sub adult female, 2 sub adult males, 1 juvenile and 1 infant.


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