Mubare group is the oldest habituated gorilla group in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and is led by the dominant Silverback Maraya. Maraya knocked the former Silverback Kanyonyi dead during a violent fight in November 2017. Kanyonyi had previously fallen from a tree and sustained injuries which left him weak and susceptible to defeat.  When Kanyonyi died most members left the group and a couple of infants fell victims of infanticide from the new group leader. This sometimes happens when the new leader is not closely related to the group. Mubare group is currently composed of 5 individuals including; 1 Silverback and 4 adult females. Habituation of Mubare group started in 1991. The group is uniquely known for Single male leadership and pure intolerance to multi- adult male presence by its leader(s). The group’s historical leader (Ruhondeza) was well known for practicing ‘infanticide’ to eliminate younger males and at the time of Ruhondeza’s demise (26th June 2012) only one lucky male (Kanyonyi) had managed to survive his father’s wrath thus taking over leadership of the group then.


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