Mvuyekure group is the newest group in Virunga National Park, it was formed in 2017 following a split of Mapuwa group. It is led by the Silverback Mvuyekure, who was born in 1991 in Rugabo group. While a juvenile Mvuyekure was carried away by poachers with the aim of selling him off in Uganda but fortunately Mvuyekure was rescued and the poachers were arrested and imprisoned. In the process of acquiring Mvuyekure the poachers killed his father (Rugabo) and two other females. After several interactions with Mapuwa group Mvuyekure became a member of this group until he grew into a Silverback. Mapuwa group began to split in 2017 and Mvuyekure left with the majority of the members leaving Mapuwa Silverback with only 3 individuals. Today Mvuyekure group is composed of 18 individuals including 1 Silverback, 6 Adult females, 1 Sub-adult male, 1 Sub-adult female, 3 juveniles and 6 babies.


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