How can you help

How your donations help?

The IGCP appreciates all the donations it receives. Below are a few ways we are using your donations:

  1. US$15 buys locally-made protective gear for a beekeeper- the subsidization of protective gear has shown to increase the number of people who adopt beekeeping as an economic activity, especially among women.
  2. US$40 buys a beekeeper near a mountain gorilla park a modern beehive- modern beehives increase production of honey at least three fold, increasing earning potential.
  3. US$200 buys a Global Positioning System (GPS) for a ranger – Rangers use GPS to monitor the park and enter geo-referenced data, using a satellite to provide a correct position in the forest. GPS enables rangers to record the exact whereabouts of the gorillas, and helps anti-poaching patrols to pinpoint the location of potential poachers and other threats.
  4. US$150 buys full equipment for a ranger on patrol – This includes a raincoat, uniform, belt and hat, boots, rucksack, sleeping bag, and cooking equipment.
  5. US$2,000 pays for a household rainwater harvesting tank- These tanks, built by the community members themselves, provides water to several families, reducing the need for people to collect water from sources within mountain gorilla habitat.
  6. US$7,000 pays for a Regional Meeting – Regional meetings bring together the park staff from all four parks, making possible the transboundary collaboration that is essential for the conservation of this shared forest habitat.
  7. US$15,000 is the cost of building a ranger patrol post - These buildings not only house rangers patrolling the park boundaries,but also serve as community centres, allowing local villagers to meet park staff and discuss issues relevant to conservation.