As a coalition of international conservation organizations, the International Gorilla Conservation Programme is unique. Fauna & Flora International and the World Wide Fund for Nature (also known as the World Wildlife Fund) have joined forces to ensure the survival of the critically endangered mountain gorilla and its habitat.

Any donation directly processed through this webpage will be transacted in GBP and earmarked for the International Gorilla Conservation Programme via our coalition partner, FFI, based in the UK. Thank you for your support.

Where your donations go

US $15: Help Improve Park-Community Relationships

Reinforce one meter of stone buffalo wall protecting farmers’ crops from crop-raiding buffalo, protecting their livelihoods and improving park-community relationships. Good neighbors allow for better conservation of mountain gorillas.

US $200: Fully Equip a Gorilla Census Team Member

This level of support ensures that a member of the census team has the equipment needed to spend several weeks in the forest, scouting for signs of gorillas and other wildlife. Includes a set of waterproof clothing, sleeping bag, boots and rucksack.


  • Visit the mountain gorillas and bring revenue to the parks that protect them
  • Visit other attractions in and around the gorilla parks, to ensure that tourism revenue contributes to the local economy
  • Buy local handicrafts to support small-scale enterprise
  • Encourage companies operating in the range states to behave in an environmentally responsible way
  • Become a member or supporter of one of the IGCP coalition members
  • Encourage relatives, friends and colleagues to do any of the above