One Cow Per Family Project Improves Livelihoods Among Uganda Park-edge Communities

Blog | 2/03/22

“I am thankful to IGCP for my cow. The milk and manure I get from it have greatly boosted my income, family’s health, and nutrition. On a daily, I milk 10 litres – I sell 7 and reserve 3 for my family. On the other hand, I get manure for my farm, this too is contributing to better yields for me. Since I got this cow in 2019 my annual farm earnings have improved from 800,000 UGX (228 $) to 3,000,000UGX (855.37$),” reveals Daniel Birungi, a beneficiary of IGCP’s One Cow Per Family Project in Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Area.

One Cow per Family project was initiated by IGCP in 2019 to address malnutrition and improve livelihoods among park-edge communities in Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Area under the SIDA, Leading the Change Project aimed at improving natural resource management and increase community participation and decision making in natural resource management in park-edge communities.

IGCP through Bwindi Mgahinga Community Development Association (BMCDA) donated 6 heifers worth UGX 13,500,000 (3,705 $) to six poor families. According to Henry Mutabaazi, IGCP Uganda Country Coordinator, “We realized the need and came in to help. This place is surrounded by high-end lodges which in the past had everything to offer to their guests apart from milk. Donating cows has boosted household incomes through the sale of milk to the nearby lodges, improved household nutrition and the manure has improved farming especially vegetable growing.”

According to, Mr. Geoffrey Byamukama, the BMCDA Chairman on average
beneficiaries have generated at least UGX 10,000, 000 (2,809 $) from the cows in a period of two years and they have as well been able to address essential necessities like school fees, food, and clothing for their families without having to acquire loans.

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